Take this month and…DO MORE PUSH UPS

There are a few exercises that everyone seem to want to get better at…

And push ups is one of them.

pushups - funny cartoon pic


That is why this month I’m focusing on push ups in all of my Redefining Strength newsletters (subscribe on Redefining Strength for more!).

I’ve also written a new post on Redefining Strength about how to modify the perfect full push up for optimal results….

And let’s just say, the push up from your knees is NOT the way to go!

Actually, an INCLINE PUSH UP is the best way to regress the full push ups. Here’s why you should be doing incline push ups (and how to do a perfect one!) – Why You Should Stop Doing Push Ups From Your Knees.

This week only, I’m also offering to review your push up form and send you personalized tips on how to improve it and make your push up stronger if you send me a video to review. Check out the newsletter or post above for details!

(And this week should be a return to my usual posting. These last few weeks have been a bit off with more work and workshops!)

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  1. ha ha ha! That comic is a good one!

  2. I’m attempting to do one-arm push ups…I try at least twice a week (after leg days) and although it might take me awhile, I am determined! 🙂 love to hate push ups.

    • There are some great progressions to one arm push ups out there. Which are you doing?

      • Well I start at an elevated surface. At my gym they have a ballet barre. So I do three sets of one armed push ups there. Then today I went over to the smith and lowered it about 6inches lower than the barre was…did a couple sets of 10 one armed there. Then finished off with one arm push ups from the floor…meaning I started all the way down on my stomach and pushed myself off the floor on one hand. Only did one set of 5 or 6 on each side. Finished off with regular push ups until I had hit 100 total push ups just because. 🙂

      • Great! Sounds like you developed a great progression to get to your goal! 🙂

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