Get The Support You Deserve – Get Rid Of The Crabs

This past weekend I attend this Fit Business Conference thanks to Dennis.

Bedros, the organizer of the event, started the event off with probably the best stories of the weekend…

A story about CRABS.

In his story he spoke of talking to a crab fisherman who had a bucket of crabs.

In the bucket were crabs piled on top of one another…And one single crab crawling to get out of the bucket.

As the crab grasped the rim in an attempt to make a getaway, Bedros said to the fisherman that it looked like one was going to make an escape.

The fisherman told him to just wait and see what happened.

Because, just as the crab looked like it was going to escape, the other crabs grabbed it and pulled it back down into the bucket.

Instead of lifting up the one trying to do something great, to escape, the group dragged her back down.

Just like the wrong group of people can drag you back down instead of lifting you up to success.

If you want to succeed, you’ve got to get rid of those people – you’ve got to get rid of the crabs.

Because even just one crab in our life, can drag us down.

For some reason we hear that one negative comment over all the good things. That one negative comment drags us down even if praise is showered upon us.

That is why we need to let go of the people who drag us down.

And by “let go” I don’t always mean you have to cut them out of your life. Because sometimes it isn’t possible to cut them out of your life. Sometimes you still want to share pieces of your journey with them.

Sometimes it just means that you only share certain things with them.

There are certain people who are your friends that are going to be crabs when it comes to a specific part of your life – be it your journey to better health or a successful career.

So instead of cutting them out of your life completely, you may just find you don’t share that part of yourself with them.

Don’t share your enthusiasm for something new you learned. Or for a achieving a new PR.

Because they won’t lift you up. They will just bring you down off your high.

And even that one negative comment, can sometimes be enough to bring us down.

Should it be enough?


We should believe in ourselves enough to not let anyone else drag us down.

But still…Sometimes we do.

Which is why we need to remove as much negativity from our lives as we can!

So take a second today and consider who in your life truly supports you.

Who in your life lifts you up and makes you better?

Because that person is worth keeping around.

Anyone who doesn’t help you succeed…Well they are just crabs.

Get rid of the crabs!

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  1. This is awesome. Very PC way of putting it. đŸ™‚

  2. Great analogy. I think sometimes, people are in such comfort zones, they don’t want anyone else to succeed doing something different or challenging. As they say, misery loves company.

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