Throw Back Thursday – What dreams have you forgotten?

Every so often, I like to look back over what I’ve accomplished.

It reminds me of how far I’ve come and inspires me to keep going.

And every so often when I look back, I remember goals and dreams that I may have had to let go by the wayside.

Goals and dreams that I actually still want to accomplish, but have for some reason had to put on hold.

Goals and dreams that if I ever want to accomplish I, at some point, need to buckle down and just do them because they aren’t going to accomplish themselves!

There are lots of reasons we put dreams and goals on hold:

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough energy
  • No resources
  • A lack of knowledge about how to accomplish them
  • A lack of consistency to keep us moving forward

But really….All of these are just EXCUSES.

Excuses we generally make out of FEAR.

Be it fear of success, fear of failure or even simply the fear of the UNKNOWN, we are often scared of embarking on new adventures.

The unknown is scary.

The idea of failing is scary.

Heck even the idea that we may learn something new about ourselves is kind of scary.

But what is really worse…Trying and failing? Or living a life regretting and wondering WHAT IF?

Because failures aren’t really all that bad if you learn from them.

If you learn from them and grow from them, you will look back at all of your mistakes with pride as EXPERIENCES that got you to the place you are today.

Failing is only bad if you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again never learning or changing what you are doing.

As Thomas Edison said:

So stop FEARING the journey to reach your goals. Stop fearing the unknown. Stop fearing failure.

And STOP MAKING EXCUSES because you are scared.

To accomplish your dreams and goals, you’ve got to at first get started. Without that first step forward, you are never going to get there!

Then enjoy all of the bumps and bruises you will get along the way. They are proof you are learning and growing!

What goals and dreams have you put on hold? How are you going to start moving forward and overcoming your excuses and fears?

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