The Posterior Chain Pyramid

Did this workout the other day and I must say…It was fabulous!

It uses one of my favorite moves the Barbell Hip Thruster. One tip though before you do thrusters…WRAP THE BAR WITH LOTS OF PADDING! haha

The Posterior Chain Pyramid

hip thruster

Roll out and stretch:


Band walks or any quadruped moves, but make sure your glutes are feeling warm before you start the workout.


Start with one rep of each exercise. The next round you do 2 reps…then 3…then 4…Up to 10 of each and then back down to 1. That means you are doing 100 reps of each exercise by the end of the workout. Use a challenging weight, knowing you will be doing 100 reps in total…That is LOTS of volume.

Also, rest only as needed but keep trying to move from one exercise to the next.

Barbell Hip Thrusters
Airborne Lunges
Reverse Hypers
Cherry Bombs

Roll out and stretch:

This is serious glute destruction. If you haven’t done high volume workouts before, don’t go as heavy. Pick a variation and weight that forces you to work but not have to spend lots of time resting.

You can either choose to finish the pyramid no matter how long it takes you or you can set a timer for 45 minutes and see how far you get in that time and try to improve from week to week.

If you feel your low back working and not your glutes, regress the moves and perform a core and/or glute activation exercise. You may also want to roll out.

Your low back shouldn’t be taking over when doing these moves.

What’s your favorite glute workout? Do you enjoy pyramids?

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