Stick with It But Never Be Afraid to Adjust

I think too often now we jump from one thing to the next, searching for the next great thing to get us huge results. And if something doesn’t get us drastic results pretty instantly we don’t stick with it.

But what we also don’t realize is that drastic results usually mean drastic measures. And when we go to extremes, we generally can’t maintain those extremes for long.

What generally works best is creating a program that implements small changes we can stick with – small changes we can build on.

We want to create a program that leads to changes that start to get us results. And as those results build, we can make small adjustments to keep the momentum going or even help it build.

If you find something that works, stick with it. But realize that you can always make little adjustments to that program to make it better.

Even if those results start to slow that doesn’t mean you have to scrap the program completely. It may just mean its time to adjust.

When you make small changes, you give yourself time to allow them to become habits. And habits lead to lasting results.

Plus sometimes all you need is a small change to get the momentum going again. And if instead you just completely give up and switch programs, you may have to start all over. Not only are you unsure if the program will work, but it may take another 21 days to create the new habits and really settle in.

Also, making small changes allows you to track what is working. If you are constantly re-writing the entire program, it is hard to figure out what in each program truly created the results and changes you wanted.

So stop jumping from thing to thing or making drastic changes. Create a program and make adjustments.

And freaking give it time to work! Things don’t happen instantly! If your progress slows, then make small adjustments.

But STICK WITH SOMETHING and make SMALL CHANGES to that program. That is the way to get lasting results.

You want to keep things interesting and give yourself variety, but you don’t constantly have to be reinventing the wheel!

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