Battling Ropes, Crawling and Low Back Pain

A few more articles to check out… (And then hopefully next week back to more regular posting!)

Ok first off, some DELICIOUS healthy Homemade Protein Bars – Vanilla Almond COFFEE Oatmeal Protein Bars. This are a great quick snack filled with protein. They are great for pre-workout as well not only because of the little bit of caffeine, but also because they have whey protein, a little fat and some carbs to energize your workouts!


Next…Battling Ropes! Check out these 22 Battling Ropes Moves and 5 Workouts to improve your strength and conditioning. Battling Ropes are a great way to improve your power and endurance. They are also a fun way to vary up your cardio routine!


Another great cardio option that requires absolutely no equipment and is also a great core workout is CRAWLING! Crawling is also great for everyone for the beginner to the advanced exerciser and can be done at home or out at the park. Try these 21 Crawling Exercises for a great core workout that will also get your heart rate up!


LOW BACK AND HIP PAIN – Chances are almost all of you have suffered from low back or hip pain at one time or another. Whether you sit at a desk, spend hours on your bike, had a baby or have simply injured your back in the past, this post will help you prevent and alleviate your low back and hip pain. Included are moves to help you loosen tight muscles, restore your mobility and strengthen your underactive muscles. The key to preventing low back and hip pain is to strengthen your core and get your abs and glutes firing properly so that your low back doesn’t take over and do work it can’t handle. Check out the exercises and tips in this post and start including some in your workout routine!


And last, but not least, check out my new Full-Body Suspension Trainer Workout Program (shameless plug!). The new video course has over 30 Suspension Trainer Moves to work your entire body as well as 5 great Suspension Trainer Workouts. WOOT WOOT!


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