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Home Workouts – 15-Minute Lower Body Blast

Recently, I’ve been super into creating home workouts.

While I love going to the gym (heck I’m there almost every day anyway), there are just some days when even I don’t feel like making the special trip in if I’m not there to work.

But I don’t like skipping workouts.

And I really don’t think there is ever any reason to skip a workout other than your body truly needing a break because you’ve been pushing it hard. (Although hopefully you’ve scheduled in rest days so you aren’t technically “skipping” a workout when you take a day off since rest days are important to your success too!)

Actually the times when we want to skip our workouts the most, are the times when we need to do them the most – because workouts will improve our moods and release all that pent-up stress, frustration and even anger that we have.

Plus workouts can actually make us less fatigued and more focused.

But anyway, since one of the most common reasons, aka excuses, I hear for skipping a workout is that people don’t have time nor do they want to make a trip to the gym, I’ve created another quick home workout.

The other week I did one for the upper body and just this past week I did a home cardio workout.

Today is a great Home Lower Body Workout using only bodyweight exercises.

So if you are short on time and feel like skipping your workout, give this a try instead!

And “gasp” it only has two exercises in it! You don’t need to do 50 exercises to really work your body!

15-Minute Lower Body Blast

WARM UP (linked out to some stretches)
Stretch and Roll Out:
IT Bands
Hips/Glutes (linked out to some great moves to loosen up the lower body and low back)


Set a timer for 15 minutes. Complete as many rounds as possible in that time.

5-10 reps per side Curtsy to Angled Front Lunge
8-12 reps per side Skater Hops
5-10 reps per side Standing Glute Stretch (or as needed)

Stretch and Roll Out:
IT Bands

Curtsy to Angled Front Lunge – Start standing tall with both toes pointing straight ahead to “12” on a clock. Start with your right foot. Cross your right foot back behind your left foot into a “curtsy” lunge. Your right foot will move back between “7” and “8” on a clock. Then beginners may need to come back to standing while more advanced exercisers will go straight from the curtsy lunge into the angled front lunge. So coming up out of the curtsy lunge bring the right foot forward and out into a front angled lunge. When you move into the front angled lunge, your foot will come to between “1” and “2” on the clock. Repeat the lunges, trying not to rest in the standing position. Complete all reps on one side before switching. One rep is both the curtsy AND the angled lunge.

While it may look like I'm lunging straight ahead, I'm stepping my right foot out between "1" and "2" on the clock.

While it may look like I’m lunging straight ahead, I’m stepping my right foot out between “1” and “2” on the clock.

Skater Hops – Start standing to one side. Hop laterally with one leg. Land and balance on that leg letting the other leg swing back behind. Try not to touch the other toe to the ground. Then jump back to the starting position. Try to jump as far as you can each way while still moving quickly. The faster and farther you jump, the harder the move will be. Beginners should start by jumping and balancing for a second before repeating.

skater hops

Skater Hops

Standing Glute Stretch – Standing grab one of your lower legs with your knee bent to about 90. Pull from under you knee and foot/ankle. Pull your lower leg in toward your chest. Hold for a second and then repeat on the other side. You do not want to perform a static stretch. This move is meant as “active rest.” Perform only as many as needed to feel recovered enough to repeat the circuit. If none are needed, go right back into the Curtsy to Angled Front Lunges. You may also sub out this move to stretch out your groin or hip flexors if those are tight instead.

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