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Prevent injuries by working out!

Do you have back pain from being inactive? Do you have knee problems from running all the time?

Lift weights and prevent injuries!!! Increasing your strength makes you less prone to injuries!

If you lift weights, you can correct the postural and muscular imbalances that can lead to injuries. Repetitive workouts, repetitive movements and/or inactivity (aka being a couch potato) can cause certain muscles to become over or underdeveloped and can cause bad posture. Hunching over a computer screen, which most of us do for most of the day, can cause certain muscles to be tight while others are over stretched. Weight training can help correct your posture and the pain you may feel in your back, neck and shoulders from hunching over!

You can also strengthen the muscles around your joints to make them more stable! Strengthening your bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments by performing weight-bearing exercises can help sustain overall health. Some exercises will even help increase range of motion (ROM) and increase your flexibility, which will help prevent injury and will lead to a more functional life.

So all you marathon runners and long distance cyclists…start weight training! It will help your performance!

And if you are a couch potato who suffers from back pain…try some weight training! Rest isn’t the only thing you need to do to rehab an injury!

Thanks to Brian Castellucci for help with this post! 🙂

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