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I wish I could workout twice in one day!

Trust me…you don’t want to.

Yesterday I did my lift and circuit and then last minute had to sub a cardio kicks class (cardio kickboxing).

I don’t teach cardio kickboxing so it was definitely a different experience.

I also wasn’t planning to teach and was more than fatigued from my workout earlier.

In the locker room, I was talking to one of my clients about the fact that I was sweating more than anyone else in the class and that I was super tired after two workouts.

One of my other clients and her friend said, “I wish I could workout twice in one day.”

My response to them was, “No you don’t.”

I’m not saying that it can’t be fun to have a super active day, but honestly there is never any reason that you need TWO workouts in one day.

If you workout intensely for 30 minutes, that can be more than enough for one day!

Workouts don’t have to be super long to get results. A lot of times shorter, more intense workouts are truly better!!!

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