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The Bosu – Overused, Overrated

So I think the bosu is a good piece of equipment for a handful of exercises, but I don’t think it should be used near as much as I see trainers all over using it. I don’t think every trainer under the sun should be using it with all of the clients especially their beginning exercisers.

The theory behind using the bosu is that it creates an unstable environment so that all of a person’s stabilizer muscles must activate while doing the exercise. It is supposed to engage and work your core more.


The bosu bothers me even more than seeing someone doing 1,000 crunches on the floor to get great abs…ok so maybe both bother me equally….

But still! There are so many better things you can do to work your core and stabilizer muscles than doing a bicep curl on a bosu!

Need an example? How about pull ups or chin ups…assisted or unassisted.

Pull ups and chin ups work your biceps and they work your core. PLUS they work your lats!

AND they are WAY MORE FUNCTIONAL than a dang bicep curl on a bosu.

Can I also just ask…how is a bicep curl on a bosu supposed to be more functional and better for a beginning exerciser than an assisted pull up?

Maybe it’s just me but doing most exercises on a bosu just seems more dangerous.

I mean why do a bodyweight squat on a bosu when you can work your legs harder and engage all your core stabilizer muscles by doing a front squat?

Why not do a one leg straight leg deadlift if you really want to work your balance?

Why use the bosu to create more instability?

How is that really better for a beginner exerciser? How is that really more functional?

Why do we always try to make diet and exercise more complicated than they have to be? Why can’t we just go back to basics?

Why can’t we just jump and squat and climb and lift heavy things? Why can’t we sprint and push things and play?

StopĀ over-complicatingĀ things! You want to gain functional strength and work your core, do movements that mimic stuff you do in everyday life.

Don’t waste your time balancing on a bosu!

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