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Sometimes I hate the grocery store

So Ryan and I pretty much only go to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or The Meat House. We will soon be going to more farmer’s market, but that is tomorrow’s post.

There is, however, a Stop and Shop right by our house. We usually only go there when we want junk food for a cheat day or when we need more toilet paper, paper towels or some other non-food necessity.

But today we decided to stop there since we didn’t have any nitrite free bacon to cook our weekend potatoes in.

For one, the store only had one nitrite free bacon. AND it was WAY more expensive than the other bacon packages.

No wonder people think eating “healthy” is so expensive.

We then walked down a couple of other aisles.

Down one aisle were these “Honest Teas” which are supposed to have less sugar than the usual tea drinks out there. If 20g of sugar is “less” sugar per serving, I don’t want to know what the other tea drinks have!

Also, right next to these “healthy” tea drinks were 20 oz Red Bulls.


A 20 oz Red Bull!?!

You shouldn’t even drink 1 oz of that crap!!!

Anyway, we then walked down the next aisle, which of course was overloaded with cereal advertising how healthy it is.


We of course then were more than ready to leave and didn’t even feel like looking around to see if there was anything else we needed.

On our way out, we ran into Smart Balance butter and marshmallows.

Conventional wisdom has you believing that these two foods are pretty good to consume. I mean marshmallows are fat-free and Smart Balance butter isn’t real butter and is infused with Omega-3s! Both are good things right!?!

AH! I looked at both of those products and just thought about how I couldn’t believe that I used to buy both on a regular basis!!!! I used to think they were both healthy enough!


With stores like Stop and Shop, where crap is everywhere and the good stuff is WAY more pricey than the bad stuff, no wonder people think eating well is expensive.

With aisles full of cereals that say they are healthy, no wonder people are so confused about what is good for them!

I mean shoot! People see fruit roll-ups in a commercial that tells them that fruit roll-ups are a fat-free food with vitamins and minerals. They then see that same claim on 100 billion products lining the shelves around them so of course believe it must be true!

No wonder people eat crap with stores like that!

Me after my Stop and Shop experience. Look my hair even went blonde it made me so crazy!

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