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The Difference Between Diet and Lifestyle Part II – No end date

When most people go on a “diet,” they usually want to lose weight or look good at a specific time in their life. Most of the time there is an end date in which they must accomplish this goal. And after this end date, usually people plan on returning to their previous eating habits.

A lifestyle has no end date. Yes, you may have short-term goals – events that you want to look good for. Yes, you may start a lifestyle because you want to lose weight.

But unlike a diet, you aren’t going to go back to your old eating habits once you’ve reached your goal.

Yes, you are going to cheat. Heck cheating will probably even be a part of your lifestyle. BUT you will cheat on your terms and always return back to your healthy lifestyle.

Making a “diet” into a “lifestyle” means that you don’t just give up your healthy eating habits at the first sign of adversity.

It means sometimes not cheating while everyone else is indulging.

A prime example of this is Ryan’s dad who started a version of the Man Bicep diet a little over two months ago.

Ryan’s dad started the diet so he would be healthy and active when his first grandchild is born in August (Congrats Jamie!!!). He has lost over 20lbs and has increased his energy level.

While he would still like to lose more, Ryan’s dad has basically accomplished what he set out to do – he feels better than he has felt in YEARS.

And because this is more than a DIET, because this is a LIFESTYLE, Ryan’s dad has stayed committed even though he could be tempted to eat badly every day!

His co-workers invite him to eat out almost every day. And when he goes out, he could cheat. It would be easier. But he doesn’t. He sticks to his healthy eating habits.

He could cheat every time he has to make food for parties for his children and their friends. He could have cheated the entire time Ryan and I were out in California.

But he didn’t.

He doesn’t cheat at every opportunity because his healthy eating is about MORE than losing weight – it is about being HEALTHIER and FEELING BETTER.

And I’m so proud of Ryan’s dad. Not because he didn’t cheat, but because he truly has created a new, healthy lifestyle for himself.

So now take another look at your eating. Are you eating well with an end date in mind or will you forever stay committed to your healthy lifestyle because it has improved your quality of life?

If your eating hasn’t improved your quality of life, is it really worth continuing or should you start experimenting with other diets?

Is your eating program merely a diet or is it a lifestyle?

P.S. If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded, I’M SORRY! I will get to emails this weekend!

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