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0-60 in less than 1 second

Who doesn’t want to floor the gas pedal and go from 0-60 in less than 1 second?

Who doesn’t see a motivating fitness picture or read a success story and not want to start working out right then and there?

Who wants to take it slow when they first start a new workout program?


But unfortunately, unlike some of the race cars out there, our bodies aren’t built to go from 0-60 in less than 1 second!

If you try to workout too often and do too much too soon, you aren’t going to see results any quicker. Actually, you will most likely slow your progress or even keep yourself from progressing AT ALL. You also risk getting an injury that will stop you from doing anything for a while.

I’ve seen it happen all too often. Especially around this time of year.

People get all gung-ho about their New Years resolutions. They have their goals and they want to accomplish them right now!

They start up a gym membership and may have never worked out before in their life, but they are now hitting the gym at least 5 times a week. They start logging in millions of miles or jump right into lifting heavy weights.

Their bodies aren’t prepared for either activity. They’ve haven’t taken the time to create an aerobic base or get their bodies ready to handle heavy loads. They haven’t worked on their mobility or form and haven’t really even taken the time to develop a specific program/routine that can be monitored to see if it is working.

They are perpetually sore, but don’t slow down. They may develop some slight pain in their hips or knees or muscles, but rehab and prehab are only given a fleeting thought as something they should be doing, but just don’t have time for now.

And they just keep pushing. They’re up there at 60. And they may have seen results right at the beginning.

But guess what?

They can’t keep up that pace. Their body gives out. Little injuries become chronic pain. Their numbers and miles slowly go down because their body is stalling.

They weren’t patient. And in their rush to achieve their goals, they’ve actually delayed themselves from reaching them.

I know it’s so tempting to start lifting heavy 4 times a week, always trying to hit your max. I know it’s tempting to workout more and more as you see your body become slimmer.

I FULLY understand the desire, the drive, to work as hard as you possibly can to achieve your goals NOW!

But if you really want your goals that bad, you need to rest too. You need to be patient. You need to outline a long-term program and you need to learn to enjoy the ride.

Learn to love the workouts themselves and enjoy each and every part of improving your health, even the rehab/prehab and rest days.

Constantly remind yourself that when your body rests, that is when the muscles are actually growing – that is when you are actually reaping the benefits of all the time you spend in the gym!

Honestly, if you can remind yourself to be patient now, you will reach your goals a million times quicker than if you try to rush to reach them now.

Don’t let your drive to reach your goal (be it a weight lifting competition, marathon or even just weight loss) make you push yourself too far too fast.

It’s all about the ride! Enjoy each and every moment of it!

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