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Where’s the love? – Practice What You Preach

So I was on the phone with my Mom the other day talking about workout videos. She actually mentioned that she wasn’t very fond of the Jillian Michaels DVDS, which sidetracked us onto the topic of Jillian Michaels.

And my Mom informed me that Jillian Michaels went 7 weeks without working out and actually ADMITTED TO THIS FACT on TV.


For one…how could someone whose life supposedly revolves around fitness be ok with not working out for 7 weeks!?!

For two…how could you admit that you didn’t have TIME to workout when we trainers work so hard to tell people, that no matter how busy they are, they have time to live a healthy lifestyle?


How can you expect to convince people to fit in working out to their crazy busy schedules if you don’t find the time to workout yourself? (And how can she admit that on TV!?!!?!?!)

It also goes back to one of my posts a few weeks ago about the girls who ate all the Paleo baked goods…The girls who claimed they were doing Paleo when in fact THEY WEREN’T!

I honestly believe that there are a lot of different things out there that work for a lot of different people. So maybe that fake Paleo worked for them (but still call it what it is…and it isn’t Paleo…)

I’ve even seen my own diet and exercise habits change over the years…heck even over the last 6 months…Not huge changes all the time, but definitely slight modifications….(I ate more dairy. I ate super super low carb. I tried out some corn tortillas. And now? Carb cycling with some rice and potatoes. Not much dairy. Not much fruit. Barely any nuts…Mostly meat and veggies. YUM!)

But whatever exact program I’m writing about and preaching, I’M ACTUALLY FOLLOWING IT!

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when people talk about diets or exercise programs BUT DON’T ACTUALLY DO THEM.

Be it TV trainers like Jillian Michaels or even friends on a new diet and exercise program, I hate when people CLAIM they stand for something or claim that a diet does work, or for that matter doesn’t work, when they haven’t actually even DONE IT.

And I’m not saying that your current beliefs won’t change over time. They actually SHOULD change. You should constantly be learning and self-experimenting and adjusting to make things better as you learn more.

You should never be standing still. And just because you adjust your beliefs over time that doesn’t mean that you are admitting your were wrong.

It just means you are smart enough to always continue learning and GROWING!

You should take pride in the program that you do. You, in fact, should LOVE IT. And that means working always to make it the best it can be.

So whether you’re a trainer or weekend warrior, if you ever tell someone “get enough sleep,” “eat whole natural foods,” “cut out grains,” “lift heavy weights,” MAKE SURE YOU ARE PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH!

Learn, Do, Decide, Spin

So I love the fitness community that I’ve fallen into out here in Cali.

There are so many people to learn from.

There are so many people out here experimenting and trying new things.

And some of those new experiments are amazing…while others…well…not so much.

But the point isn’t whether or not their experiments are always right.

The point is that they are experimenting!

And many of these experiments aren’t ground-breaking. Many are with simple tools that have cycled in and out of the industry over the years.

Many of these experiments are simply a new SPIN on things.

Because let’s face it…there really aren’t that many NEW ideas – ideas that NO ONE ELSE out there have ever had before.

BUT there are a lot of different new takes on the same old ideas – there are a lot of people out there putting a new SPIN on things.

Because that new SPIN is what makes all the difference.

That SPIN is what creates the perfect diet/exercise/healthy lifestyle FOR YOU!

But it isn’t simply a question of arriving at your own spin.

There are clear steps you need to take to turn something someone else does into something perfect for you.

The first step is to LEARN.

Learn about a diet and exercise program that you think may be good for you. Research that program that made your friend super fit. Find out how they did it. Find out all the details. Read about other people’s experiences. LEARN ABOUT IT.

Then you must DO the diet/exercise/lifestyle program.

And when I say DO I mean do it EXACTLY the way it was laid out. If you want to know if something will work, you have to actually give it a chance to prove if it can work. And the only way a program can prove it works is if you actually do it the way it was laid out.

You can’t do a Primal diet and then eat pasta every day and then three weeks in claim it doesn’t work.

I’m all for making your own adaptations to things, BUT only after you’ve done an experiment following the rules exactly as they were laid out by the people who created, and achieved success!, by following the program.

If you DO a program the exact way it was laid out, you will find out if it is something that will bring you success. You will find out if it is something you enjoy. If it is something you could commit to on a long-term basis.

After you’ve done the program, you’ve got to decide.

Will you accept or reject the program? What parts did you like? What parts didn’t you like?

Did you see results?

After any experiment, after trying any program, you’ve got to ask yourself these questions.

You’ve got to DECIDE for yourself whether or not the program was a success.

You can’t listen to your friend tell you how great the program was. You can’t be swayed by all of the positive reviews. You can’t let Dr. Oz or Jillian Michaels or any of those famous people tell you what program is right for you.

After you’ve, RESEARCHED and TRIED something, you’ve got to make an educated decision based on your experience.

Are you going to stick with the program? And if you are going to keep doing it, then how are you going to make it perfect for you?

So now that you’ve learned, done and decided, what’s YOUR SPIN?

No one else can tell you exactly what will work for you. Others can guide you and make recommendations, but sorry…you should know yourself best.

And the more you experiment and do things other people’s ways, the more you actually WILL learn about yourself.

You will figure out what types of workouts you enjoy the most. You will figure out what time of day is easiest for you to workout at and stay committed to.

You will figure out if low carb/high carb/vegetarian/WHATEVER is right for you.

You will figure out if you stay more committed to a program if you can easily prep all meals for the week ahead of time or if it is easiest for you to cook single portions the day of.

Through doing things other people’s ways, you will figure out what works best for you.

Just remember though, it is up to you to put your spin on a program to make it completely personalized for you…No one else can do it for you!

So if you want the perfect healthy lifestyle for you – Learn, Do, Decide, and SPIN!

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