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Favorite New Moves

So today I did my first leg workout of the new year with Candy. It was a high rep day so we did a couple of new moves and some plyometric exercises.

We, of course, did heavy back squats (I always have to include a big lift!!) and then did some plyo moves, including box jumps, split squat jumps AND my new FAVORITE plyometric move – the “walking” plyo front lunge (ok it needs a better name but I haven’t come up with one yet!)!

Today Candy and I were super tired by the time we got to the “walking” plyo lunges so we didn’t use a weight vest like we usually do. It was still killer.

To perform the move:

1. Start in a lunge.
2. As you jump up out of the lunge to land in a lunge on the other side (like a split squat jump), you also move forward. (So like a walking lunge, you are moving forward each time you lunge on the other side.)
3. You keep switching sides as you move forward, completing about 15 lunges on each side.

I find that my legs burn so bad after completing these because of the effort it takes to jump up AND forward! Anyone else find these to be absolute torture….and love them because of it!?!

AND another move that I decided today was one of my FAVORITES is the TRX preacher squat with dumbbells. Doing it in the TRX made the normal preacher squat (balance lunge, Bulgarian split squat, pitcher squat…whatever name you use..) even HARDER! YAY! 🙂

To do the move:

1. Carefully place one foot back into the TRX strap. Jump forward and pick up the dumbbells.
2. Bend the front knee and squat down. Make sure as you lunge, you don’t let your front knee pass beyond your front toe.
3. Push through your heel to stand back up.

Add weights!!!


All your stabilizer muscles definitely work with these!!! It is hard to balance with one foot hooked into the TRX!

Anyway, try these two moves!!!


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