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Nike may be on to something – Just Do It

People please just stop with the excuses already and JUST DO IT!

Love it Nike!

Client: “I don’t think I can do another burpee.”

Me: “Take a deep breath and JUST DO IT! You’ve got this. Come on!”

Client2: “I don’t have time to workout on my own.”

Me: “Just try 20 minutes at home.”

Client 2: “But…”

Me: “Just do it!”

I promise I’m not a mean trainer, but sometimes the complaints and excuses get overwhelming. Sometimes I just want to throw up my hands and scream “SHUT UP! STOP THE BULLSHIT AND JUST DO IT!”

But I don’t say that…out loud at least.

But seriously, how do you know you can’t do something or don’t have time for something unless you’ve actually given it a shot? How many times have people said “they can’t” before they’ve even tried?

I know, unfortunately, that I’ve been guilty of this at one time or another. There are definitely weeks when I walk up to the deadlift bar with 200 some pounds on it and think..”I can’t do this.”

Sometimes those four words slip out and then I hear the frustrated tone in Brian’s voice as he says “Yes you can. Just do it. You’re a beast.” I love the “you’re a beast” part by the way….

Anyway, back to the “Just do it” part. I really do think Nike is on to something here. If instead of saying “I can’t” we just said “Just do it,” I wonder how much more we would accomplish? I wonder how much faster we would achieve our goals?

So the next time you are about to say to yourself or your trainer, “I can’t_____” instead say “Just do it.” See what happens. I’ll bet you’ll make a lot more progress toward your goals than you ever thought possible.

Please stop being the person that says “I can’t.”

Also, I thought of you Mom when I wrote this. You always used to tell me “Just do it” when I played matches. 🙂

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