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That spells rest, people!

Not truly related but it made me laugh.

I love working out. Actually, I’m addicted to working out.

But even I realize that REST is a very necessary and IMPORTANT part of any workout program.

Apparently though, most people refuse to rest no matter how much their body is screaming at them that they need to.

If you plateau or your body feels constantly fatigued or you are INJURED, you should probably take some time off!

I had this woman in my cycling class today with tendonitis in her knee.

Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon in your body and is most often caused by overuse.

HA! Overuse!?! Hmm maybe I am right that rest is important….

Today she asked me to check her bike set up since her tendonitis hasn’t healed even though she has had it for months.

I asked what she was doing for “treatment.”

She kind of just looked at me. I asked if she took any anti-inflammatory medication. I asked if she iced her knee. I asked if she took any time off.

Pretty much, the answer was no. She took ibuprofen occasionally. And she iced it at the beginning. But time off!?!

She looked at me like I had three heads.

I wanted to laugh in her face. You are asking me about bike alignment when you haven’t taken any time off for an injury that is probably caused by overuse!?!

I told her she needs to take an anti-inflammatory and that she needs to ice. I also told her that she NEEDS to take time off. I mean as it is tendons have poor blood flow and take even longer to heal so not taking time off definitely isn’t helping!

She gave me another look and all I could do was turn and walk away.

She wasn’t going to listen. She wasn’t going to take time off.

And why not!?!

Because she might miss a week of cycling? What was she training for that was more important than resting and healing her body?

Nothing? Go figure!

Pushing through an injury or extreme fatigue isn’t “cool” or “gnarly.” It’s plain old stupid.

Trust me. I’ve been there and done that. I have the battle scars to prove it.

So learn from my mistakes. Don’t push through an injury. REST!

Because if you do try to push through, you may end up needing to take more than a few days or a week off. Just remember a minor injury can become worse if you keep pushing it.

What is the point of injuring yourself so badly that you need surgery or to take months off when you could just have rested for a week?

And what really gets me is that the woman in my class wasn’t even pushing through because it was her job or career! She is merely a recreational exerciser!!!

So don’t be stupid. REST when your body hints it needs it.

You’ll come back stronger if you do!

P.S. I didn’t have time to finish the foam rolling video so it will be posted later this week. Sorry!

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