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What’s it really all for?

Yesterday was the OKC California Open Championship.

I placed first in my weight class for 16kg long cycle…

Out of one haha

Which honestly didn’t lift my spirits at all after I failed to hit the number of reps I set out to hit.

Because I wasn’t there to compete against anyone else.

I was there to best my own goals and prove something to myself.


I was there to do long cycle and  hit 88 reps in 10 minutes.

I fell short at 73.

Actually, I probably hit almost 100 reps, but unfortunately about 30 didn’t count because my jerk or push press from the clean wasn’t completely fluid (long cycle is basically the kettlebell version of clean to press). I guess I had a little hitch to fully straighten my elbow more like an overhead press than a perfect jerk. (I will now study my video and work tirelessly to correct it.)

I’m mad at myself that I didn’t have exactly perfect form on the press overhead.

I’m mad at myself for not realizing the connection between the not counted reps and the fact that it had to do with my press since I did do the form correctly for 73 reps so could have really focused on that specific movement and potentially still hit 88.

I’m mad at myself that at 1 minute 30 left when I started to fatigued a little I did 3 no count movements in a row (aka 3 un-fluid presses) and got my 10 minutes cut short.

I’m mad that I didn’t live up to my own expectations.

A ton of people came up to me and told me that I did an amazing job especially for my first competition. A ton of people congratulated me on a great lift. A ton of people told me they couldn’t believe I lifted with 16kg in my first competition. A ton of people….

Honestly, it didn’t matter what they said.

I am my own harshest critic and the one that matters the most to me.

Because I don’t do these competitions for anyone else but myself.

There are no million dollar checks or TV deals. There are no big prizes and most people around me will never know about half, if any, of my weekend expeditions.

There may never be anything I compete in that I’m best in the world at.

But that isn’t the point…is it?

The point is to go out there and hit that goal that I set out to hit. To prove something to yourself. If you happen to win or get some sort of award, that is always a bonus but not the reason to compete.

So while yesterday I walked away feeling a bit defeated, I’m ready to reset. Train hard. Get stronger. Get tougher. And go out there again in August and kick some serious kettlebell butt!

Are you ready to pick yourself back up and get right back to it?

Next time I will also be practicing better hand care...About 1 minute in bye, bye skin on both hands.

Next time I will also be practicing better hand care…About 1 minute in bye, bye skin on both hands.

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