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Happy Birthday to My Man Bicep Sister

Happy Birthday Candy! In celebration, Candy and I will be spinning and doing yoga today. Yoga…uhm…

I haven’t done yoga in a while. And I should be doing it more often…like almost once a week.

While I don’t think yoga should be the only workout that you ever do, it does have some great benefits!

Here are some benefits:

1. Improved flexibility.

2. Improved strength – Holding warrior one (aka a low lunge) or doing¬†a¬†chataranga (not sure if that is worded correctly but it is essentially a push up) isn’t easy! How could holding a lunge or doing a push up not make you stronger?

3. Improved posture – Stronger and more flexible muscles = better posture.

4. Improved lung capacity – Yoga focuses on deep breathing which can help you relax and increase your lung capacity.

5. Improved mental state – Yoga will help you relax. It will also teach you to relax while holding uncomfortable positions. This is, in my opinion, the second biggest benefit besides improved flexibility. I’ve found that most of my clients give up mentally before their bodies actually have to. Yoga teaches you to be mentally stronger. It can really help you push through those last painful reps during a weight workout.

Ok so enough about the benefits of yoga. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAST JR.!!!

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