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The Boston Marathon

I would say “To run a marathon” is on most people’s fitness bucket lists.

Can I just say, “I don’t get it?”

I just don’t have the running gene.

I love sprinting. I even enjoy jogging a couple of miles with Ryan when it is super warm outside.

But run more than five miles?!?

I think I would die of boredom before I hit 10….or stop and get ice cream.


But I’m definitely the minority.

So many people raise money just so they can run the Boston Marathon. While they are raising money for a great cause, most of them do it because they want to RUN. To them, running a marathon is a major feat of fitness.

But is it a major feat of fitness or just a major feat of stupidity when the average person runs one?

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t believe how freaking fast the top marathoners are. I honestly think they run faster than I even sprint. But they aren’t just recreational runners crossing something off their bucket lists.

Seriously, while it is “impressive,” is it stupid for the average person to run a marathon? I mean marathons are really stressful for your heart not to mention your body in general! Check out this post called ” Run for your lives.” (I think the title is super funny by the way!)

So can someone just explain to me why this would ever be on your bucket list? Why do so many people think that running a marathon is “badass” and a huge feat of fitness?

I just don’t get it.


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