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Training as Therapy

This post today comes about because I started thinking about how much I will miss my clients when I moved. I’ve seen my clients grow and become more empowered. I’ve seen them become stronger, fitter, healthier individuals.

I’ve seen my clients fall in love with lifting and believe more in themselves!

We’ve shared personal stories, hopes and fears. We’ve shared our insecurities about our bodies. We’ve overcome set backs and celebrated victories.

We’ve SHARED and GROWN together.

But anyway, the relationships I’ve had with my clients here in Boston just made me think about how much training can be therapy.


Working out is a chance for you to take some time out of the day and do something for yourself.

It is a chance for you to solely focus on yourself and let go of all of the stresses and responsibilities of the day.

It is a chance to be selfish! In a good way!

And women, who have the hardest time dedicating that hour to something exclusively for them, need it more than anything!

Many women DON’T take time out of the day for themselves. They work all day and then go home and cater to their families at night.

There is no “me” time.

And if you want to truly feel good, you need to take some “me” time!

For many of my clients, our hour together is about more than just exercise. It is about doing something for themselves.

And having someone there to guide them and socialize with makes that hour into even better therapy.

I don’t often recommend working with a personal trainer BUT I do think there are instances and circumstances where it can be one of the best and most rewarding investments out there.

As a personal trainer, I’m there to push you to stay committed and reach your goals. I’m there to help you become a healthier, fitter person. I’m there to help you become a happier, more empowered person.

I’m there FOR YOU and you alone.

Yes, my goal for that hour is to give you a great workout.

But more importantly, I’m there to get you to focus on you.

So please stop thinking of working out, with or without a trainer, as some frivolous luxury.

It isn’t.

Training is for your health both mental and physical.

Yes, working out is something you need to do FOR YOU.

But only when you take time out for yourself and make yourself happy can you be there to support everyone else!

So women, you may be the rock of your family, but you can’t be a rock forever if you don’t take care of yourself!

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