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Paleo is a joke

I LOVE talking about diet and exercise.

I LOVE when people find out I’m a trainer and then ask me a ton of questions.

I LOVE when people ask me about my diet or exercise program.

I HATE when people tell me they’ve started doing Paleo and then tell me about the latest Paleo baked good they made.

Are you a sucker for Paleo products? HELLO! People are making money off of you…they don’t care about your health!!!

To me Paleo and baked good (aka sweets) can’t legitimately be used in the same sentence unless you are saying you’ve switched to Paleo and only eat baked goods on cheat days now.

Paleo baked goods…those three words combined like that make me want to scream.

Paleo has become a joke.

The whole point of Paleo or Primal is to eat WHOLE, NATURAL FOODS. To eat meat, fruits and vegetables and cut out all of the processed crap and sugar.

The whole point of Paleo is to make you healthier and reduce the inflammation in your body.

The whole point of Paleo is NOT to make a less bad for you version of traditional baked goods.

If you are TRULY doing Paleo you aren’t eating freaking Paleo muffins or Paleo pie or pizza.

You aren’t baking with almond flour or using a ton of honey or maple syrup to sweeten things. You aren’t buying “gluten-free” processed products.

Why AREN’T those things truly Paleo!?!

Because they totally miss the point!

It’s true…nothing is ACTUALLY paleolithic, but the point of the diet is to cut out all of the crap and eat naturally raised products!

For example, the reason the Paleo/Primal diet tells you to cut out grains is because of the inflammation grains cause which is what causes cholesterol to build up in the arteries and cause heart problems.

Grains also contain phytic acid, which hinders your body from absorbing many vitamins and minerals.

Guess what also contains phytic acid?


So when you eat your normal serving of 1/4 cup of almonds you are fine…BUT a pizza made from almond flour!?!

That is a ton more than the 1/4 of a cup you should be eating.

And that means a TON OF PHYTIC ACID!!

You cut out grains because someone doing the Paleo diet told you to, BUT you didn’t understand WHY you were supposed to cut out grains. So you end up making your freaking Paleo almond crust pizza and get the exact crap that the Paleo diet is supposed to help you eliminate from your diet.


So because most people don’t really UNDERSTAND the point of the Paleo diet…because people don’t really understand why the diet has them cut out certain foods…because people just do it because their friend lost weight doing it…People end up destroying the diet and eating crap that is disguised as being “Paleo.”

Basically, don’t tell me you are doing Paleo or Primal if you are going to tell me about the latest cookie, pie, pizza, muffin or WHATEVER that you just made.

Don’t tell me you won’t eat cheese or rice because it isn’t Paleo and then freaking go eat gummy worms because they are gluten-free.

Don’t tell me you don’t eat beans (which you probably don’t even realize you don’t eat because they contain phytic acid) and then go eat farm-raised salmon or coconut milk with a ton of extra additives.

Come on!

Understand why the heck you are doing something! Farm-raised salmon is just about the WORST thing you could possibly eat!!!! It is like Paleo 101 that you eat NATURALLY RAISED animal products!

And if you are going to buy something like coconut milk, READ THE FREAKING LABEL.

Ok…deep breath…I’m done.

Now all of you recent Paleo bandwagoners…go ahead and tell me why I’m wrong…I dare you.


Candy and I love nuts – almonds, cashews, pistachios, macadamia nuts…

We are nut addicts. We probably don’t even go one day without devouring at least a handful of nuts.

And I’d always thought this was fine. I mean nuts have good fats and they aren’t super high in carbs. They seemed to fit perfectly with the Paleo/Primal diet. AND they are an easy snack to grab whenever I need something quick.

But are all these nuts really good for me?

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered the answer is probably…no. 😦

I started eating more nuts when I cut out grains and legumes because of the food toxins they were supposed to contain. I figured they were a healthier substitute. BUT nuts still contain phytic acid, which is one of the main reasons you aren’t supposed to eat grains and legumes. And nuts may contain as much if not more phytic acid than grains and legumes do.

Here’s why phytic acid is bad:

1. Phytic acid inhibits mineral absorption especially iron and zinc.
2. Phytic acid interferes with the enzymes that breakdown protein.

A diet high in phytic acid can cause mineral deficiencies which can lead to disease!

Check out this article about why nuts may not be that good for you. I found it on Mark’s Daily Apple!

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