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So on Wednesday of last week, I did a lunch and learn talk at a local business with another trainer from Innovative Results.

We talked mostly about mindset, but we did touch on some basics of dieting. We talked about eating whole, natural foods. We talked about cutting calories, but making sure that we don’t cut out too many. We talked about making small changes over time so they actually take root.

And at the end a woman raises her hand with a question…a question about supplements that she saw on Dr. Oz.

UGH! (I wanted to throw up my hands and roll my eyes. I don’t have a problem with Dr. Oz just the fact that everyone DOES exactly what he says like mindless drones.)

She wanted to know what we thought about some green coffee bean thing and raspberry ketones. She said, “Dr. Oz says that these two things will help you lose weight.”

The only thing I could say back was, “KISS…Keep it simple stupid.”

hahaha! YES!

She looked at me in confusion.

I just simply explained that I didn’t even want to get into discussing those supplements. That the MOST IMPORTANT thing if you want to lose weight is to eat whole, natural foods.

First you have to get the macronutrients in order before you start thinking about the micronutrients.

Green coffee beans or whatever the heck they are, aren’t a magic pill!!!! There may be some new study saying they can help AID with weight loss, but trust me, if you want real results, you have to do real work and eat REAL food.

Let’s face it….Dr. Oz has a TV show. He wants to talk about new trends, new fads…It is what keeps people tuning in!

I can’t blame him! I love researching and experimenting (I mean shoot I tried the potato diet just to see what would happen!)

The problem with it is…He has power. He has credentials and a TV show that reaches millions. He is a well-respected medical figure, and rightly so!, so people believe whatever he says. If he says raspberry ketones have health benefits, people run out to buy them.

Stop being drones!!! Use your brain!!!!!

Really you think some green coffee bean  is going to solve all your problems!?! I mean if you look at most of the boxes with the supplements or extracts the boxes even tell you, “take along with a HEALTHY diet and exercise program.”

What do you really think makes you lose weight!?! The green stupid bean or the healthy diet and exercise program!?!



Stop making people think dieting is so complicated!

Keep it simple stupid!

If you have the healthy diet on lock…If your macronutrient breakdown is in order THEN maybe think about experimenting with green coffee beans and all that jazz!

Suckers for a “Quick Fix”

DISCLAIMER: This post is kind of mean.

Seriously sometimes people are pathetic.

Dr. Oz calls Raspberry Ketones a fat-buster and “the number one miracle in a bottle” on his show and suddenly everyone goes out and buys them.

We are suckers for a quick fix. People go out and buy it because Dr. Oz says it works “miracles.”

Here's a quick fix for you...

They don’t even care that there are really no scientific studies substantiating this claim!

When I searched for studies this is basically what I came up with...

And here is a quote from the ABC News article linked above:

For now, the reputations of products like Raspberry Ketone Plus and Raspberry Ketone Ultra rest on anecdotes and two studies conducted on mice put on a high-fat diet. Japanese researchers reported in 2005 that raspberry ketone “prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver,” by boosting the breakup of fat cells. Korean researchers reported in 2010 that raspberry ketone increased fat cells’ secretion of a hormone called adiponectin that regulates the processing of sugars and fats in the blood.

Dr. Robert H. Lustig , a neuroendocrinologist and UC San Francisco pediatrics professor who is among top experts in the nation’s obesity epidemic, said that animal studies alone are insufficient for scientists to say how raspberry ketones work in people.

“Until there are human studies I won’t weigh in,” he said.

“People are willing to take chances. It’s amazing how many people look for a miracle instead of looking at what they’re eating and how much they’re moving and fixing whatever is broken,” said Mary Hartley, a registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Who cares about studies though!?! I mean Dr. Oz says it works. And so does some trainer with a line of supplements, which includes raspberry ketones! I mean she wouldn’t just be promoting a product to make money, would she?

GEEZ! Seriously people!

You’d think by now people would be smart enough to resist the temptation of a “quick fix.”

But nope! Who wants to work hard!?!

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