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Unfortunately, I am human (or so I think)

I haven’t posted a recipe in a while. Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing as much cooking as I had planned to since Ryan and I are staying with his very wonderful, generous and hospitable family until our lease starts.

So since I’m not always in control of cooking the dinners, there are always temptations around.

And unfortunately, I am human.

I don’t find it necessarily a sacrifice to forgo the flour tortillas or the bun on the burger, but boy do I have a hard time passing up guacamole and chips, homemade baked goods or frozen yogurt.

There are just certain trigger foods that you just can’t seem to ever resist.

And I’ve been indulging, in my opinion, way too often.

So yesterday Ryan and I made a pact to eat completely Primally this next week with no small indulgences.

Maybe this works for me because I’m competitive, but committing to eat well with someone else always seems to motivate me. I don’t want to cheat because I don’t want to let the other person down and because I don’t want to “lose” the bet.

By committing to eat well with Ryan, I’ve not only gained a support system to help me achieve my goals but I’ve also made myself RESPONSIBLE for being someone else’s support system. By eating well together, we have found a way to hold not only ourselves, but also each other, ACCOUNTABLE.

There are many ways you can hold yourself accountable.

Telling other people about your goals is one way.

BUT I’ve found that telling other people works even better if you can get themĀ INVOLVEDĀ in helping you accomplish your goals.

When people are involved in helping you accomplish your goals, they are much more likely to stay on top of you to achieve them. Also, if you can get them to try to accomplish the same goals, you then have even more RESPONSIBILITY toward them.

For instance, with Ryan and I both working to eat perfectly Primal this week, I won’t want to eat badly because then he will know I failed AND because I don’t want to eat badly and tempt him to then cheat as well.

The accountability along with the added responsibility of helping him achieve his own goals keeps me on track to achieve mine.

So next time you attempt to achieve something that maybe you’ve failed at accomplishing before, get a friend or family member to work toward the same goal with you! Holding yourself accountable and making yourself responsible are key to achieving your goals!

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