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Being a BADASS

So this relates to my post from earlier and responses I got to it…

All too often people don’t heed advice, like the advice I gave yesterday about warming up with some sort of balancing exercise, because it isn’t BADASS.

BADASS is lifting heavy weights. Or working out so intensely that you puke.


Uhm…sure. Yea I think getting in a killer workout or accomplishing some impressive feat of strength or stamina is BADASS.

But you can’t be a BADASS if you injure yourself!!!!!!!!

Being a true BADASS means taking the time to warm up your body. It means paying as much attention to your recovery and stabilization and mobility training as you do your actual workouts.

It means not just constantly lifting more and pushing harder.

So next time you pooh pooh something like balancing on one leg because you don’t see how it directly benefits your desire to be a badass…DON’T.

That rehab/prehab/flexibility/mobility/stabilization exercise may just be the key to you developing stronger lifts, more endurance and better overall health and fitness.

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