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Baby Got Back

So the other night I was talking to one of my male clients who I was making do some clams (the exercise where you have a band around your knees and lay on your side and externally rotate at your hips and knees).

So all some great glute activation moves!

It was a stabilization workout and he really needs work on activating his glutes. And although clams may be a Jane Fonda move, they are a great way to get those butt cheeks firing!

Of course he was slightly embarrassed by doing them even though it was just his wife, me and his 19 month old daughter there.

He says to me, “You know this is one of those moves that guys AVOID doing at the gym.”

I said, “Yea I know….Ever notice how many guys have SMALL INACTIVE butts?”

He laughed and repeated what I said and continued to do the clams.

Out of the corner of my eye though I saw his wife shaking her head in agreement.

What I said is completely and utterly true. Most people, especially men, don’t focus on getting glutes that activate.

They are much more interested in working on their beach muscles. Although they do pride themselves on being able to lift heavy weights.

But if they took the time to do some of those “embarrassing” glute activation exercises like band walks, glute bridges, clams and straight leg deadlifts they would be able to LIFT MORE.

AND they would look better. (Sorry but pants that sag because you have no butt is not attractive).

Plus they would also probably suffer few injuries. Active glutes me proper movement patterns!

So to anyone out there who skips those “embarrassing” butt exercises, but wants to lift heavy…Don’t.

That includes you ladies. While lifting heavy is essential that doesn’t mean totally leaving out the Jane Fonda moves…It just means not ONLY doing them!

For more on glute activation, check out this article on T Nation! LOVE IT!

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