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Patience = Consistency over time

I’m not a patient person.

Generally, I work hard and want results fast.

But unfortunately that isn’t how things work.

They say “patience is a virtue” and it really freaking is.

Unfortunately you don’t reach your fitness goals overnight. True lasting progress is consistency over time.

Consistency over time….patience…bleh…

BUT…you need to be patient!

If you create a program, progress yourself forward and give yourself proper recovery, you will reach your goals if you stay the course. This can mean weeks or months or even years.

The key to keeping yourself on course, to helping yourself be patient and consistent over time, is to set mini goals. Break your yearly goals down into monthly, weekly and even daily goals.

Achieving these mini goals will keep you dedicated each and every day. And shoot, a daily goal may just be to exercise for 10 minutes every day! They shouldn’t be anything crazy. They should be realistic and achievable.

You want goals that will motivate you to keep moving forward not goals that will make you feel like you’ll never achieve your goals.

Remember, BE PATIENT and consistent over time and you will achieve your goals!

P.S. The only good part about all of this is that one slip up also doesn’t mean you’ve destroyed all of your progress. What matters is consistency over time!

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