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Making Noise at the Gym

So this is a random post, but I’m still baffled by the industry’s new trend toward “silent” weight rooms – toward Planet Fitness like gyms.

Why are we afraid of the sounds of work being done!?!

I mean don’t get me wrong, I think it is stupid when guys literally deadlift a ton and then just drop the weight from the top of their lift, but a little banging as they hit the weights at the bottom…?


Apparently some gyms care enough to do this…Which I couldn’t even believe since the weights didn’t sound that loud!

Ok so I do think you need to respect the rules of the gym. And I do think there is proper gym etiquette that needs to be followed out of respect for other people (like wiping off your sweat…not hogging machines….not grunting super super loud….not slamming weights around when not necessary).

BUT watching this video (and a couple other on this guy’s channel), I really don’t see anyone just DROPPING weight disrespectfully.

And no offense to the people who confronted them, but their excuses as to why he shouldn’t drop weights were utterly stupid.

The weights could break!?!


And their floor could break?

Well if that is the case they shouldn’t allow any deadlifting whatsoever regardless of whether or not they “drop” weights. They probably also need a different floor then since they are a gym where lifting weights is MEANT to be done! Or they could just get platforms or bumper plates!

I mean I do understand that people can be rude with extra loud grunting and slamming of plates. And I do think there is a need to be respectful when working out in the gym.

But at the same time, a gym is a place where work is meant to be done! Where people are trying to get stronger and lift more than they lifted last time.

If getting work done means making a little noise, that is fine by me!

What is your take on “dropping weights” at the gym?

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