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Making Noise at the Gym

So this is a random post, but I’m still baffled by the industry’s new trend toward “silent” weight rooms – toward Planet Fitness like gyms.

Why are we afraid of the sounds of work being done!?!

I mean don’t get me wrong, I think it is stupid when guys literally deadlift a ton and then just drop the weight from the top of their lift, but a little banging as they hit the weights at the bottom…?


Apparently some gyms care enough to do this…Which I couldn’t even believe since the weights didn’t sound that loud!

Ok so I do think you need to respect the rules of the gym. And I do think there is proper gym etiquette that needs to be followed out of respect for other people (like wiping off your sweat…not hogging machines….not grunting super super loud….not slamming weights around when not necessary).

BUT watching this video (and a couple other on this guy’s channel), I really don’t see anyone just DROPPING weight disrespectfully.

And no offense to the people who confronted them, but their excuses as to why he shouldn’t drop weights were utterly stupid.

The weights could break!?!


And their floor could break?

Well if that is the case they shouldn’t allow any deadlifting whatsoever regardless of whether or not they “drop” weights. They probably also need a different floor then since they are a gym where lifting weights is MEANT to be done! Or they could just get platforms or bumper plates!

I mean I do understand that people can be rude with extra loud grunting and slamming of plates. And I do think there is a need to be respectful when working out in the gym.

But at the same time, a gym is a place where work is meant to be done! Where people are trying to get stronger and lift more than they lifted last time.

If getting work done means making a little noise, that is fine by me!

What is your take on “dropping weights” at the gym?

I love bright colors but I SERIOUSLY HATE BARBIE WEIGHTS!

When Ryan and I were out in California, I couldn’t believe how many women we saw out running or walking with Barbie weights in their hands.


While I love this color, they will not be my new walking accessory.

And then one of my clients said to me, “I think that running with light weights is the best way to tone my arms!” Mind you…this is also the same client that told me that push ups were making her bulky.

I’m sorry but walking with weights IS NOT the best way to tone your arms.

Women who run with weights are IDIOTS who are AFRAID of getting bulky!

I know why people supposedly do it….Extra calorie burn and toning, but I’ll let you in on a little secret….It really doesn’t do either!

For one, you can’t spot reduce an area and part of being “toned” is low body fat. Even if walking with weights did make your arms stronger, it wouldn’t specifically cut the fat off your arms!

Secondly, yes the dumbbells could result in a few extra calories being burned but not if you have to slow down to walk with them. Plus if you simple walked/run and then did a weight workout you would burn even more calories than if you walked/ran with weights.

OR you could do a quick circuit that included weights and cardio and, in half the time you spent on your cardio with your stupid dumbbells, get twice the results!

Thirdly, swinging dumbbells when you run or walk really doesn’t build muscle. For one, if the weight isn’t challenging it isn’t going to do anything. You need to use CHALLENGING weights to get results! Also, the movement of swinging your arms isn’t really specific enough to be used to build or tone muscles.

And lastly, carrying the dumbbells may alter your movement patterns and could create imbalances and lead to injuries.

And why risk injury or imbalances if there is no chance of you seeing any results!?!

Seriously, go for a walk then head to the gym and do some true strength training!

“Models and Mortals”

So I love watching repeats of Sex and the City on TV. I don’t have to focus on them because I’ve now seen them all, but they are also ALWAYS entertaining. The episode I caught last night really grabbed my attention. It was called “Models and Mortals.” It discussed women having to measure up to the beauty of models, a beauty that didn’t seem attainable (which after my post about body image  was really fascinating to me).

At one point Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha were all sitting around eating and discussing what they hated about their bodies. Of course Samantha said she liked everything about her body (GO SAM! I’d love to be able to include a comment right now about how she lifts weights in the show…but….at least they show her at the gym in a few episodes…).

Carrie’s monologue then says something along the lines of “How can three otherwise rational women be made so self-conscious and insecure just because they looked at a model?”

My question is why does this happen?

What is it about models that makes us feel so insecure about ourselves and seek out the latest and quickest fad diet? Is there a way to stop it?

I think there is….it’s called living a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time – eating well, sleeping enough, exercising and PLAYING! Of course I included sleeping enough in there when I definitely haven’t been BUT it is a huge part of healthy living! If you live a healthy life (with cheat days of course!) you will feel better about yourself in general…at least I’ve found this helps.

When I know I’m eating well and lifting heavy, I’m more confident in how I look because my body feels good. It feels like everything is working in harmony. Of course, sleep also helps…partly because if you get enough sleep, you have less of the stress hormone, cortisol (which can hinder you from losing weight) and partly because if you get enough sleep, you have the energy to get a truly good lift in. As Fitbomb repeated says in his blog…if you don’t get enough sleep there may not even be any point in working out at all!

And now you may be wondering about why I said PLAY. Because play is active and another form of exercise? Yes! But also because you relieve stress when you play. This summer get out in the sun! Go run some sprints. Go swing on a swing. Go paddle boarding! Find something active and outside that you love to do and get those endorphins going! While I love weight training and think it is probably one of the best thing you can do for your body, playing is right up there! So don’t skip your lift but maybe play instead of doing cardio today! 🙂

As my sister loves to quote from Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

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