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Kudos to a true Man Biceper

Jessie – the Man Bicep crew is SO proud of you for your fitness and weight loss accomplishments. You are a true BEAST! You push yourself every time to accomplish more – to strive beyond what you had previously thought was possible.

For those of you who don’t know Jessie…

Jessie’s work ethic can only be described by one word – inspirational. She doesn’t ever quit or ever tell Brian ‘no.’ She is the type of client that you BEG to work with (trust me I know…I begged Brian to let me train her while he was on vacation!).

She is dedicated and has a great attitude. Through all the rough times (and there are definitely plenty of speed bumps when you’re trying to lose weight), Jessie kept coming back. And each time she came back, you felt like she got stronger.

And strong Jessie definitely is.  She never tells Brian a weight is too much. She isn’t afraid of getting bulky. Don’t hand her any barbie weights!

Jessie, we are so proud to call you a Man Biceper! Keep up all your hard work and you will accomplish all of your goals!

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