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Spending time with family

In Boston, all too often Ryan and I would spend time together by watching TV or a movie. We would do active things together, but not near as frequently as we should have.

Since moving to Cali, we’ve spent so much more time together doing active things – even just activities such as walking around a farmers market together.

Ryan holding our purchases from the market.

There is something about being ACTIVE together that brings you even closer together. There is a bonding that goes on when you DO things together.

Yoga outside together…Ryan didn’t want to pose… haha

Like yesterday…We did a quick workout together then got some coffee and walked about 4 miles on the beach, watching the waves. We later put together some furniture. All active things. All times to bond.

There is just something about the bonding that happens during physical activity that is so different from the bonding that happens at any other time.

That is why I encourage all of my clients, friends and family to DO things together. Go paddleboarding. Go rock climbing. Go for a hike or jog or even do a workout together!

Team IR paddleboarding.

Yea there may be some competition when you do a workout with your spouse, friend or family member, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The fact that you are overcoming a challenge together will bring you closer. The fact that you are both talking and playing together while getting endorphins from the exercise will bring you closer.

Playing together will help you develop a stronger bond. A healthier relationship. And a healthier you.

So today…go play with your family and friends!

Go do headstands on a paddleboard even if you do flip over and fall in! (which by the way I did…numerous times…)

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