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Designing Your Workout Program

This past Sunday, I went to a great Bodyweight workshop led by Max Shank (Which was amazing! Check out his stuff!)

I went with one of our interns at the gym.

I’d forgotten what it was like to attend your first workshop.

There is an overload of new information and you feel like almost everything you’ve been doing just isn’t right.

You feel like you have to switch up everything you’ve been doing and now follow this new program.

I saw it in his eyes when we were there.

I saw the “Oh crap. I need to do things this exact way to get results and rewrite my entire program.”

I remember that feeling the first couple of workshops. You would learn a new way of doing something and you would instantly jump into the new program, putting aside anything you’d been doing up to that point.

However, after a couple of great workshops, you realize that everyone has their own way of doing something.

workout routines

There are a billion workout routines out there (many of them even are good) that people have found work for them…

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