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Resistance to Change

I have never seen so many people so unhappy about having a renovated club with all brand-spanking new equipment!

They are just so set in their routines that they don’t like having to adjust to the new versions of machines or find the new placement of equipment. They don’t like change!

It actually made me sad that people were so unwilling to try something new. It’s like they haven’t varied up their routine in the six bazillion years they’ve been members here!

You should vary up your routine like every 4-6 weeks. Not every 4-6 decades!!!!

Variety is key! If you aren’t varying up your routine, you probably aren’t getting the results you want…Did you just have an AH HA! moment?

Did you just realize why you’ve probably been stuck on the same plateau for the last 5 months?

AH! Come on people! Spice it up! Add some variety!

Ok that is my rant for today. But seriously, if you need help adding some variety to your program, email me at I mean…do you really like being stuck on that plateau?

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