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Yoga…I love you, but I hate you

Tonight I’m teaching my first ever yoga class. Ok…It’s spinning then a half hour of yoga, but still…I have to teach yoga.

I’ve done yoga on my own. I’ve taken classes. But never did I EVER think I would teach yoga.

I like yoga. I think it is great for you.

But I also hate yoga. I do not find it relaxing in the least to hold any of the warrior poses. How can it be relaxing to hold a low lunge for like 30 seconds!?!

Uhm it isn’t!!!! Although I think most people don’t stay super low in their warrior poses….Am I wrong?

This is how I feel sometimes...

I think that I’m missing the “Zen” gene…just like I’m missing the “running” gene.

In both cases though, I do the exercises that I hate because I know they are good for me. Although I do try to skip them as often as possible.

I mean yoga especially is great for you – it makes you more flexible and helps you develop overall functional strength.

And yes, running to is good for you. Especially sprints!

I know these two things that I hate are good for me. AND I DO THEM BOTH (Just as little as possible to actually be able to say I do them!)

There are going to be exercises out there that you hate doing, but you can’t just not do things that are good for you!

Yeah sometimes eating healthy sucks. But you do it.

Yeah you love running and would rather run than ever do weights, but weights are good for you!

You can’t just skip things that are good for you!

You may not innately┬álike weights just like I don’t like running or doing yoga. BUT you can develop a LOVE for them because you know they are good for you! You should do them because they are good for you!

And I bet you will grow to love/hate the exercises you avoid now as much as I have.

Try it! What exercises do you avoid even though you know they are good for you?

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