This is where fear stems from

Women like this make women not want to lift weights. I mean who wants to have overdeveloped pecs like this!?! BUT lifting weights didn’t give this woman 6 boobs – steroids and boob implants did.

I saw this on Tosh.0 the other night and understood why everyone was laughing and making fun of her even while I cringed. Her body isn’t what most women want to look like or what most men want women to look like. BUT her body is what most Americans associate with women who lift heavy weights.

The idea that she was what women thought they would look like if they lifted weights made me cringe.  YOU WON’T LOOK LIKE HER IF YOU LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS!!!

If you are lucky, you will look as lean and muscled as Jamie Eason.

Getting more muscle than her is very unlikely. If you read any article about her or any other fitness competitor, you will realize how much they micro-manage their diet to gain even as much muscle as she has.

The idea that lifting weights will make me look like Jamie Eason is motivation enough for me!

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