Untraditional Workouts

So I read some blogs the last couple of days that had some interesting workouts – and I don’t mean interesting in a negative way.

Hmm...I hope someone doesn't drop the rock on their toes.

Fitbomb blogged about MovNat workouts. MovNat means “natural movement” and re-trains your body to move according to human nature. It unleashes your primal side! Or as Fitbomb says, “MovNat is about moving your body as nature intended, and doing so as efficiently, safely and practically as possible.”

While MovNat would ideally be done out in nature, a playground can also be used. You can do the monkey bars and climb up and down the poles…it isn’t as easy as it was when you were little, but it is a great workout! What better way is there to get in a workout than playing on a jungle gym and soaking up some sun!

Another post on “wacky workouts” was done by Charlotte on The Great Fitness Experiment. While Charlotte wasn’t turning primal, she did take her workout outside the gym.

Charlotte practiced a routine for a flashmob in the gym and then the group actually preformed the dance at her friend’s wedding! While I’m not much of a dancer that sounds like a lot of fun!

I’m not saying that you have to, or even should, try either one of these workouts. My point is that you can find ways to make working out fun! Don’t drop your workout routine because you are getting bored! Find new ways to make working out exciting!

Go paddle boarding; go skiing; go dancing…or maybe even just go outside and climb a tree! Do something fun and new for a workout this week!

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