Almost there!…

There is nothing more motivating or more frustrating than ALMOST hitting a new personal record.

Another name for Hulk is Brian

This morning we did our deadlift workout and Candy and I both ALMOST hit new PRs. My grip went. She couldn’t lock out. But we kept trying until we pretty much couldn’t even pick the bar up off the floor.

We kept trying because we were just so close! The weight was moving…It just wouldn’t go all the way up!

We just kept hoping that the next time might be better. And the 2nd try was better than the first…but by the 4th…well…we were out of juice.

But next Monday, I think we will both hit new PRs!!  Brian is very positive that we will (Brian actually hit a new high himself today and I’m a bit jealous! ;-)). While it was frustrating we didn’t get new PRs today, the positive side is we haven’t hit a plateau! We are still getting stronger! 🙂

Which got me to thinking about this past Creatine and protein powder cycle. Was it making a difference?

Uhm…I have no idea. A week into this cycle, I would have screamed out “YES!!!” My deadlift and bench PRs both went up by about 10lbs after holding steady for the past month. But since then…I haven’t really seen any gains more than what I’ve been used to. A pound here and there, but nothing impressive.

So has the creatine and protein powder worked so far? Possibly.

Neither have turned me into hulk, but then again I didn’t expect them to. Neither is a magic pill that will instantly make you stronger, and I haven’t lost strength or plateaued this month so I guess they  have done their jobs.

AND there haven’t really been any negative side effects. I haven’t really suffered much water bloat. At most a pound or two.

So if I haven’t really suffered much bloat or any other side effects AND I’ve made strength gains, I see no reason not to keep up the creatine cycling. After this week, I will take a few weeks off before going on one last cycle before the competition.

So women…I can guarantee that Creatine and protein powder won’t turn you into Hulk.

I’ll keep you posted though as I try another cycle or two!!

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