It’s about the journey

Are we there yet?

How anxious are we all the time to be at our destination? To have reached our goals?

How often do we actually stop and enjoy the journey? My guess is not as often as we should!

We need to remind ourselves constantly that it is ALL about the journey.

I know I’m definitely guilty of focusing on the destination. At times I can even get upset because I’m not there INSTEAD of enjoying the fact that each day I’m working toward my goals and making improvements!

This weekend I realized just how often I forget to enjoy the journey. I realized that I NEVER fully relax and enjoy a cheat day. I always feel guilty and get worried about the damage I’m doing to the progress I’ve made toward the body I want. What I really should do is: a. not cheat if I can’t enjoy it or b. just enjoy it because I’ll get back on track the next day AND I won’t really have done damage after one day!

BUT instead of enjoying OR not doing it…I stress. I don’t enjoy the journey!

I do this with working out as well. I don’t always appreciate the fact that I’m getting to workout. Instead I dread it or get upset if it isn’t a good day. INSTEAD I should just enjoy the fact that I’m getting to workout and recognize that each workout WILL help me reach my goals.

There are times when I stress out and get upset because I haven’t reached my goals. BUT I shouldn’t! I should enjoy the journey. I should take pride in the fact that each day I’m working toward my goals.

ALSO, once I reach my goals, I’ll just set new ones…So are we really ever there?

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