All the random thoughts…

  • There was an interesting article on Mark’s Daily Apple about Gateway Foods – those foods that you eat that lead you down a slippery slope toward full on binge. He says avoid them, but I ask…aren’t those the foods WORTH cheating for?
  • Whether or not you enjoy the humor of this blog, this is a great post about nutrition. How can data about our diet be so misinterpreted? How can people not realize that carbs and vegetable oils are to blame for the climbing obesity rate and not animal fats? Read this post on Fatty Lane – Why We’re Getting Fatter – and let me know what you think.
  • Why is every client that I talk to so intimidated by Spin class? Seriously, it is probably the easiest class to tailor to your personal fitness level. AND it is about the only cardio other than circuit training that I can stand doing for a full hour…
  • Not to be mean…but Jazzercise? I can’t take a class named Jazzercise seriously…

  • So I was curious to see what 5 fitness myths we should ignore in this article by Carol Sponagle. Myth #1 said that spot reduction (or doing crunches to reduce belly fat) doesn’t work…ok so far I agree. If you do lots of crunches you probably have a six-pack the question is “is it showing?” Myth #2 refutes the belief that if you aren’t working up a sweat, you aren’t working hard enough. Again, I agree. I sweat just standing still sometimes while Ryan doesn’t sweat after we do like the hardest workout in the world! Myth #3 says that no pain, no gain can be a misleading statement, which I agree it is. There is a difference between muscle fatigue and injury. At the same time, the average client that I work with doesn’t want to feel any discomfort so sometimes telling them “no pain, no gain” can get them to push just a teensy bit harder! Myth #4 states that women won’t get bulky from lifting weights..YAY! BUT I don’t really like the way the argument is worded. Why is so little space dedicated to refuting this myth?!? Also, why are barbells not included? Only free weights? And I’m not a fan of the statement “if you are a woman, using free weights will not make you look bulky unless you have a hormone imbalance (genetic or steroid-induced) and lift weights more than the average woman.” Ok the steroids part is true but what about lifting more than the average woman!?! 😦 I don’t like that statement at ALL! And to end the list Myth #5 really frustrated me. It says that the statement “avoid certain food groups, such as carbohydrates or fats” is false. Uhm nope! You should avoid certain food groups. IT ISN’T JUST ABOUT CALORIES IN VS. CALORIES OUT!! Seriously, what garbage.
  • Do you like foam rolling? I love it! I find that some clients love it while others hate it. The ones that love it realize that sometimes the statement “no pain, no gain” is incredibly true (especially when it comes to their IT bands)! Take that Carol! If you don’t suffer the pain of releasing all the knots, you may suffer more injuries than if you go through the painful process of foam rolling!!! Anyway, I highly recommend adding foam rolling to any warm up/stretching routine that you may do!

  • I want more push up pictures in random places for our Push Up Craze!!!
  • That’s all folks!

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  1. I laughed at the “lift more weights than the average woman” bit. Seriously, if you pick up a ten-pound dumbbell, you are lifting more weight than the average woman. Has the author been in a gym lately? The weight room is still a Lady Desert!

    Also, I love spin class! I like that you can push yourself as hard as you want to go (or not) and that it’s so low-impact. I try to do at least one spin class a week.

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