Sick :-(

So the last week and a half, I’ve been suffering from a cold that just won’t quit. I’ve had a sore throat, a stuffy nose, a head that felt like it was under water, a chest so congested I felt like there was a rock on top of me and finally…no voice (I think the two spin classes yesterday had something to do with the last one).

But throughout I’ve worked out and I haven’t taken any medicine. I don’t like missing a workout especially if I’m at work anyway. And I believe in only taking medication if it is a serious illness. I just don’t like taking stuff.

I’ve gotten ridiculed by people at the gym because I refuse to take stuff. But hey, I personally think they are crazy for taking stuff when they just have a cold.

After our discussion about medicine at work, it was funny to see this post on Mark’s Daily Apple yesterday.

What do you think? Is medicine good? Do you take stuff the second you feel a sniffle coming on or do you wait until you are barfing your brains out?

Also, do you keep working out when your sick? I figure if I can go to workout, there is no point in missing a workout. What do you think?

Today though maybe I should have stayed home. We were moving out old ellipticals (sort of like a sled push for most of them…and they are pretty darn heavy…) but some had wheels so we had to sort of pick them up. So I had to pick one up and push it. My hands were under the bottom of one side so when I went to set it down, I sort of dropped it so I didn’t smash my hands and ended up smashing my head.

I  have a nice black and blue egg on my forehead. 😦

I guess at least it’s Friday! 🙂

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  1. There is TOTALLY something going around–one of my friends from out-of-state has “The cold that won’t quit,” too. She has had it for about 5 days and it got worse today. I heard it only lasts a maximum of 14 days, though–so that’s something? =P Anyway, I recommend loading up on Ricola cough drops, 500 mg Vitamin C twice a day and 1 dose of OTC Zinc per day. That has helped me and my boyfriend to overcome or fight off colds quickly in the past, and it’s all-natural, so it can’t hurt, right? Get well soon!

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