Weight lifting gloves? REALLY!?!

The new (unnecessary) gym fashion accessory.

Why do I see so many women (and men for that matter) wearing weight lifting gloves around the gym?

Was there some news article recently that said they are the new hottest gym fashion accessory?

I just don’t get it.

I’ve never seen a point to lifting gloves and I have no intention of ever getting them. Are people really that afraid of getting blisters and calluses?

I mean most of the women I see wearing them are lifting the barbie weights anyway, which are already covered in plastic and won’t give you blisters and calluses.

For two, part of the “gnarly-ness” of lifting a ton of weight is getting calluses and blisters!!! They are sort of like battle scars…just like the bruises on your shins that you can get from deadlifting!

I mean why are people wasting money on lifting gloves? Someone please explain why I wouldn’t just want to be super awesome and gnarly and lift without gloves? šŸ˜‰

Also, can someone please explain to me why I see a ton of men walking around with lifting belts on? For one, they should strengthen their cores so they don’t need them. For two, most of them aren’t lifting enough weight to need them. And three, most of them should work on their form before putting on a belt or adding another plate!

Ok…please just stop with all the ridiculous accessories people!!!


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  1. Sadly I was once a glove wearer but kicked the habit for about a year or so…love my blisters!!!

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