Love the Support

So yesterday I stumbled upon two different articles that support the Man Bicep beliefs.

This first article basically states that eating like a Caveman is good for you! THANK YOU!!! The diet can help you lose weight and improve your health – it can lower your blood pressure AND your cholesterol. Seems like carbs may be a bigger problem when it comes to high cholesterol than fat is!!

Of course, this article does recommend lean meats, which you may think is contrary to what I’ve said in the past, BUT I support eating “fatty” naturally raised meats such as grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef, even the fatty cuts, is leaner than it’s grain-fed counterparts. So yea…eat “lean” aka grass-fed, naturally raised animals! 🙂

Second article that I LOVED is about NOT RUNNING! This is a post about weight training and dieting to lose weight/fat NOT running. I totally agree that cardio isn’t the best tool for weight loss and that there are actually a lot of negatives to chronic cardio.

So if you want to look super hot, stop the chronic cardio and start weight training! 🙂

Chalk up two more points for Man Bicep and 0 for Conventional Wisdom!

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  1. I agree that lean meats are the healthiest to eat. You should check out the Grass fed beef at La Cense Beef. Their meats are also higher in omega 3 fatty acids than grain fed and is more delicious. I definitely recommend giving it a try. As far as the second article goes, I also heard that weight training is better than running. Great post!

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