Do you need help!?!

So yesterday was the first weekday that I’ve been at home and NOT posted. Why didn’t I post yesterday?

Because I was mentally fatigued from running billing for our club and physically drained from moving around all of our new equipment.

Deadlifting treadmills and ellipticals isn’t easy (neither are elliptical “sled pushes.”). Farmers walks with kettlebells, dumbbells and plate weights aren’t a piece of cake either.

Actually I got a good enough workout from moving equipment to make my forearms and calves sore!

But anyway, the point of this post isn’t that moving is an AMAZING workout. The point of this post actually relates to something that happened while we were moving.

I had deadlifted up one of the ellipticals and was wheeling it out on to the floor with Candy monitoring my progress since I was walking backwards. (And by this point Candy and I had already moved about 6 or 7 ellipticals on our own.)

All of the sudden this guy, from the company that was moving in some of the new pieces of equipment, runs up to me and goes, “Here let me help you!” He was like frantically trying to grab the elliptical from me.

I said I was fine and continued to walk backwards. Before he had come up to me, I’d already picked it up and walked like 10 feet with it and was doing fine.

But even though I said I was fine, he hovered around and kept asking to help. And when I set it down, he like barged in to make sure it was in place and that I didn’t have to move it anymore.

I said thanks but was fairly annoyed that he didn’t think I could do it. As I walked away with Candy, I asked if I’d looked like I was struggling.

She said no, that I had been doing fine.

I know this guy was trying to be nice, but still! I mean he took one look at me…all 5 foot 3.5 inches of me (I found out I shrunk at the doctor’s yesterday) and decided I couldn’t possibly lift the elliptical on my own.

Now even though Jon isn’t much taller than me (sorry Jon!), the guy didn’t offer to help him!

Nope. I was a short-ish, not bulky female and he decided he was stronger than me!…Ok he might have been stronger than me, but I could still handle the elliptical!!!

Anyway, the point of all this is that the belief that females are weak and can’t lift heavy things (unless they look like men) still exists!

And we women have to disprove it! Don’t be afraid to show your muscles ladies!!! Get in there and lift the heavy stuff with the guys!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

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