“Abs are made in the kitchen.”

A lot of my clients want to lose weight.

And what I tell those clients is that working out will help them build muscle. It will help make them healthier. It will make the weight loss process easier.

But I also tell them the honest, hard truth – that if they don’t eat well, they won’t reach their weight loss goals.

I would LOVE to tell them that all they need to do is workout with me because that would make me a ton more money.

But it isn’t the truth.

Working out may help you build a six-pack, but if you don’t eat well, you will never be able to see it!

And I want my clients to be able to see all of their hard work paying off! Actually I want every body everywhere to be able to see their hard work paying off just like I saw mine pay off.

So until the end of March, I’m offering a complimentary PERSONALIZED 2 month Man Bicep diet to anyone who subscribes to Man Bicep AND sends me a “Show Me Yours” photo.

If you’ve already subscribed, just email me with a photo saying that you are interested and I’ll develop a 2 month Man Bicep diet program for you.

These first two introductory months of the Man Bicep diet are meant to really kick-start your weight loss or even help you cut that last little bit of fat that just seems to not want to come off. After the first two months, you can shift into more of a maintenance phase, which will allow a bit more freedom.

So subscribe and show me those Man Biceps!!

Nike has all those ads about loving other body parts...why not one about the bicep!?!

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  1. Does this offer stand for vegetarians, too? 🙂

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