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Home Sweet Home!?!

It still hasn’t fully sunk in that our trip to Cali isn’t merely a vacation – that Southern California is now my home.

I’m a bundle of emotions that I can’t even truly express. I’m excited and I’m nervous. I’m hopeful, but sad. One word to describe how I’m feeling…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!?!?!?!

But change is good. We grow from change.

Anyway, regular Man Bicep programming will return tomorrow. While I’m now in Cali, there will still be plenty of Primal, lifting and wonderful rants to entertain!

P.S. This was the BEST going away present from two of my lifting ladies! This is the front of the shirt. The back says, “I LIKE IT!” (I repeat this phrase A LOT during my training sessions apparently! :-))

Meat + Lifting = Man Biceps!!!

Man Biceps Unite!

Ok I’m in a weird, but HAPPY!, mood today if you can’t tell from the title.

Anyway, I told you a few days ago that I joined the Under Armour What’s Beautiful competition.

And I also told you that I usually don’t like these challenges.

But I have to say, I’m really enjoying it. Actually I’m a bit obsessed and I’m sure Ryan has heard more than he wants about it over the last two days. (Of course, he is always supportive, but I do feel bad about the constant chatter!)

One of the challenges in the competition is to get other people to join.

I don’t endorse things I don’t believe in. While there are ads on my site, none of them are things I posted.

While I love p90x, when Beachbody contacted me about promoting products (but I wouldn’t get to try them first), I turned down the offer.

I don’t endorse things I can’t vouch for – things that I haven’t TRIED.

But I like this competition.

Under Armour has created a social network full of wonderful people who are all there to achieve their fitness goals. The competition provides a great support network AND provides ACCOUNTABILITY!

It is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a little extra push to achieve their goals.

I would love if you all joined the competition with me and sent me your picture, with the Man Bicep showing of course! Show me yours and show the world “What’s Beautiful!” 🙂

Show Me Yours – Anywhere, Anytime

So I got some great emails AND pictures this week.

One was from Lisa:

Hey Cori, so fun story…. I won my cornhole championship tonight and everyone was commenting on my biceps as I one-handedly drank the trophy of beer! (The trophy is heavy.) It spurred the thought to push-up drink from the trophy in the middle of the bar… The waitresses hated me…everyone else was amused. Someone asked about the story behind the ruckus… I said ” It’s for Man Bicep, a movement about breaking the taboos about women lifting weights, which I love to do.” Then I said… “Drinking beer is so much better in  full decline push up position….just because I can.”. 🙂

Lisa doing a very nice decline push up!

Two more great bicep pictures were submitted by Ada and Toni this past week.

The Toni Bicep! Love it! Keep up the weight training!

The Ada Bicep! A great way to build the bicep...PULL UPS!

Also, a BIG Happy Belated Birthday to Man Biceper Kristen who just recently started lifting weights.

Kristen stated recently, “I have really been enjoying what I’ve been doing thus far and feel great!  Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel better than I have in quite a few birthdays!”

Motivated now to workout? Try this workout of the week!!!

“Abs are made in the kitchen.”

A lot of my clients want to lose weight.

And what I tell those clients is that working out will help them build muscle. It will help make them healthier. It will make the weight loss process easier.

But I also tell them the honest, hard truth – that if they don’t eat well, they won’t reach their weight loss goals.

I would LOVE to tell them that all they need to do is workout with me because that would make me a ton more money.

But it isn’t the truth.

Working out may help you build a six-pack, but if you don’t eat well, you will never be able to see it!

And I want my clients to be able to see all of their hard work paying off! Actually I want every body everywhere to be able to see their hard work paying off just like I saw mine pay off.

So until the end of March, I’m offering a complimentary PERSONALIZED 2 month Man Bicep diet to anyone who subscribes to Man Bicep AND sends me a “Show Me Yours” photo.

If you’ve already subscribed, just email me with a photo saying that you are interested and I’ll develop a 2 month Man Bicep diet program for you.

These first two introductory months of the Man Bicep diet are meant to really kick-start your weight loss or even help you cut that last little bit of fat that just seems to not want to come off. After the first two months, you can shift into more of a maintenance phase, which will allow a bit more freedom.

So subscribe and show me those Man Biceps!!

Nike has all those ads about loving other body parts...why not one about the bicep!?!

Show Me Yours!

I was so thrilled to receive this picture from Erin of her “man bicep!”

LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

Thank you Erin!

Erin started lifting 6 months ago and sent me an email today asking for workout and nutrition suggestions. I sent her an email back that is probably a bazillion times longer than she wanted, but what the hey! If you ask me for information, trust me you will get it.

Keep up the great work Erin! I love the man bicep!

Now everyone else…SHOW ME YOURS!

P.S. Feel free to email me with your workout and nutrition questions! I seriously live to discuss health, fitness and nutrition!

And the Push Ups Continue…

Thank you Nancy for your push up in our lobby!

Look at that decline push up!

I want man biceps…just not man pecs

The other day Candy and I were working out on the weight room floor and Nancy (one of our gym members) said to Nick (one of our trainers) that she wanted to get “man biceps” like the man bicep sisters (me and Candy). Nick didn’t understand the joke (for an explanation of the joke click  “man bicep” ). I had though overheard the comment, and I turned to Nancy and told her that she was well on her way to developing man biceps. She seemed pleased with the comment.

She then complained to Nick that she hated doing push ups (the exercise he was just then telling her to do). I then jokingly said that the push ups would help develop her man biceps and she said, “Yes but I don’t want to develop man pecs!”

It was a funny comment but it also took me back. How could she love the idea of “man” biceps and not the idea of “man” pecs!?! Had we just made lifting weights for your biceps acceptable?

It shocked me how deeply rooted women’s fear of weight lifting is. Even a woman who seems to support our weight lifting is afraid to lift heavy weights herself. It is exactly what the poll from an earlier post said – “it’s not for me but there’s nothing wrong with it.” That honestly seems to be the response I’m getting from most women.

Women’s logic works like this when it comes to weights:
Women don’t want to look manly. Men lift weights to get bigger and more manly. Hence, we see weight lifting as the way to get more “manly.” Of course we don’t consider the fact that weight lifting is only a portion of the equation and that what actually makes men pack on the manly muscle is TESTOSTERONE.

I mean hey I know heavy lifting isn’t for everyone. But try it before you knock it! You never know…you may end up loving the “man” pecs you develop! I know I do!

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