Sparking Enthusiasm

The other day a client asked me about my workout routine and I got super excited to explain the new phase of my program.

My enthusiasm made her say, “You’re kind of a fitness nerd…aren’t you?”


Yea…I am!

You know those really annoying people who could talk about something every second of every day?

That’s me!

And I like to think that my enthusiasm is infectious. Actually, I know it is because enthusiasm in general is infectious.

Today, I was working with a new client who wanted to start lifting heavy. (YAY!) My excitement to work with her and her excitement to lift just made the entire meeting fly by.

But the most important part is that my love of lifting was passed on to her. She enjoyed the session so much that I know, that not only will she continue to lift heavy, but that she will also tell her friends that they should too!

Enthusiasm for women lifting heavy is infectious. I’m just doing everything I can to spread the love.

On that note, if you like the Man Bicep Facebook page AND like the comment/video that says “For every like, I’ll do a push up” Candy or I will actually do a push up! Check out the 7 push ups we’ve done already!

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  1. 🙂 yeah!

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