Building Confidence One Squat at a Time

We all know that a good exercise program can help you lose weight and be healthy.

But most people don’t know about the biggest benefit you reap from working out – CONFIDENCE!

I love seeing clients lose weight and get stronger. But honestly the best thing is to see clients happy and more confident!

I love seeing them become more confident in how they look. I love seeing them become more confident in their fitness. I even love seeing them become more confident because they know their health is improving.

I love seeing people’s confidence grow!

And the craziest part is no true results have to be achieved for people’s confidence to improve. Maybe it’s the endorphins. Maybe it’s the fact that we know we are doing something good for us. Maybe it’s simply that we are pushing ourselves to our limits.

Maybe its all of the above.

Whatever it is though, the best part is that the confidence we develop is what truly spurs on great results.

How can you not feel better about yourself if you lift 5 more pounds than you did the week before? How can you not be more confident when you manage to push yourself through three rounds of a circuit when only the week before you had to take a break after the first round? How can you not feel better knowing that you managed to run .1 mph faster than you did even just a couple of days before?

And the craziest part is…that person probably could have lifted that much or made it through the three rounds without a break the week before. They just didn’t BELIEVE they could the week before.

So because they are working out, they become more confident. Because they become more confident, they believe in themselves. Because they believe in themselves, they get great results.

Which guess what?


Simply put…Exercise is empowering!

Empower yourself today…try this workout or one of the other weekly workouts!

Weekly Workout #10


Bench 3-2-2-1-1

Auxiliary lift circuit:

50-40-30-20-10 (Complete the previous rep range for all exercises before moving on to the next rep range. Ex: 50 reps all exercises then 40, 30 and so on.)

Barbell OH Press
Knees to Elbow
Burpees (Chest hits the ground each and every time)
Back Extensions

Can I say ouchie? My arms were toasted between the heavy bench, overhead press and burpees with push ups.

P.S. This is my favorite quote about exercise and endorphins.

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