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Friday Fun

Some random fun to celebrate Friday….just because!

Two things I found this week while shopping that I absolutely LOVE:

1. Macadamia nut butter


2. Coconut Chips from Trader Joes

They have a touch of sugar…which means next to nothing! YAY! A good little “dessert!” P.S. those are not my hands…manicures do not survive with me….

Also, I went rock climbing with the team last week and LOVED IT!


Rock climbing! YAY!

What better way to see all of your training pay off than to feel physically fit enough to take on any challenge!?!

AND Ryan got a trigger point “Grid” for his birthday…which I’ve stolen to use like every day!

And finally…wish me luck.

I’ve started a new training program which I’m pretty sure will end up upping my deadlift AND help me accomplish a few feats on the VersaClimber and battling ropes. The program was designed by one of the owners of Innovative Results and I’m interested to see the results!

Have I mentioned before that I love self-experimentation!?!

Right now, I’m just working my butt off…and I haven’t been so sore consistently in a while. Although I do feel better after my 7 mile run yesterday. (Uhm yep…I ran 7 miles…who would have thunk it…BLEH…haha)

Anyway, stay tuned for some unconventional tips to help you up your deadlift!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Get some delicious healthy snacks, go play and then foam roll for a little recovery! 🙂

Workout Challenge of the Week – TRY SOMETHING NEW

So I like Crossfit style workouts for numerous reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is the fact that you are constantly challenged to do new and different things.

Variety is the spice of life, right?

Well I think variety is also key to ultimate fitness.

And adding variety to your workouts doesn’t have to mean lifting heavier weights or doing a new exercise in the gym. Any sort of physical activity counts!

Playing on the monkey bars counts. Trying handstands and cartwheels count. Going ice skating, roller skating or rock climbing count.

Adding variety to your workouts can even be as simple as going for a hike if you never do!

So this week there is no workout of the week. Instead, I challenge you all to try a new physical activity this weekend. (And if you want to send me a photo of you doing this new activity…well that would be just dandy!)

Playing in the Park

So yesterday was beautiful outside so Ryan and I went to the park for a little outdoor workout session.

Some “rock climbing.” And some nice graffiti too…”FREE.”

Some handstand holds and push ups maybe? 🙂

We compiled a few things into a video for one of the Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenges. The challenge was to come up with an excuse to not accomplish your goal and then show yourself defying it.

My excuse was “noise” – doubts and negativity from other people and my own self doubts.

But I overcome all the noise by putting on my headphones and focusing on my workout!

P.S. Can I just say I love to swing on the monkey bars!?!

The good, the bad and the just plain stupid

Below are random things from this week that I just felt the need to share.

The Good:

1. Rock climbing is simply awesome. If you haven’t gone, I recommend you try it!

2. Kombucha. Why oh why are you so hard to find in stores? You are super healthy yet Whole Foods is just about the only store to sell you. Can someone please tell me why you can find WhoNu bars everywhere and Kombucha nowhere?

Also, soon to come a Kombucha recipe (and this won’t be like the foam rolling video…it will happen in a more timely manner. Although the foam rolling video will still be up soon! I promise!)

The Bad:

3. Kashi uses genetically modified products. I think food products that use these products should have to be labeled. Do you?

4.” Eating meat started from boredom and experimentation that became habit. If we eat dead flesh then we become dead flesh. It is said that humankind was immortal until it began eating the dead. Keeping the brain busy is how you feed the body. Keep it busy and only take from this earth what you need.

Sit on that for a few seconds, maybe even minutes. Keep your brain busy by learning, thinking, and creating. We have so much to unlearn.

We will chat again…”

This was the first comment on the NY Times “The Ethicist Contest Winner.” Oh boy….

And the Simply Stupid:


I wanted to share this photo for two reasons. One, I made it and thought it was funny. Two, it boasts that it is “A fat-free food.” As if that makes it healthy!!!

6. Ok so this isn’t really “stupid” per say. But it is really funny. In an old episode of The Office, Michael gets a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit for breakfast. He takes off the biscuit and says, “Healthier.” Haha I like it even though it isn’t totally true.


Some people hate birthdays. Other people love them.

I find myself sort of indifferent to them. Well mine that is. I love planning parties for other people. But for mine….I’m not not excited…I’m just also not overly enthused.

Of course today at work there was a little bit of hazing and I had no choice but to celebrate.

Thank you Dave, Candy and Brian. You are all buttheads.

But this year I’ve decided I need to do a little bit more…I’m going back to my youth when my mom planned super active parties for me – tennis, Olympics events and roller skating!

But unlike the parties of my youth none of the events this week involve eating cake…ok Saturday there may be a bit of cake…  🙂

But tonight there will be no cake. Some delicious chocolate though. I’ve become addicted to these Taza chocolates. Very few ingredients and 70% dark which isn’t bad!! Plus they have some really interesting flavors!

AND tonight I will also go rock climbing FOR THE FIRST TIME! SO PUMPED! So excited to test out my strength in a different way.

(Actually testing out my “strength” seems to be the theme of the week. Monday and Tuesday I worked on one-handed handstands as well as crow to headstand. Not too disappointed in the results!)

And after all the rock  climbing and handstands, I will be going roller skating tomorrow night. Yes roller skating! Candy doesn’t have derby practice so she is taking me skating. I think the last time I went roller skating was fourth grade….Hopefully the fact that I’ve ice skated more recently will save me! (Also, hopefully my legs won’t be too tired after 2 1/2 hours of spin during the day!)

And then Friday, BOWLING!

Overall a very competitive and active week! YES!

Great friends, fun activities…Couldn’t ask for anything more!

Push ups everywhere even in the air!

So the Man Bicep Mom and my sister, Drew, sent me some wonderful push up pictures.

They did some primal push ups while hiking…

Drew doing a push up onto a log

The Man Bicep Mom busting out a push up on a log

And Drew took some more while she was rock climbing!

Thank you Man Bicep Mom and Drew!!!

Now…Where else can we bust out some push ups?

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