Fitness Magazines

So I used to read a ton of fitness magazines, but probably now haven’t bought one in over a year.

They do, however, come in useful when you need some packing material!

Why haven’t I bought one in over a year?


And in general I don’t agree with the diet and exercise programs prescribed in them.

They all try to seem like they have some “secret” to effortless weight loss and a toned, fit body.

But they don’t.

Maybe this will be a secret in next month’s issue! “Clean the lint out and drop 3 lbs in 5 minutes!”

They don’t have any secrets because THERE ARE NONE!

If an article’s title has one of the following words or phrases (effortless, quick, 15lbs in 1 week, blast belly fat), drop the magazine and run.

There are no secrets, people!

Let’s face it…If you want real results, you are going to have to work really hard.

There is no secret to TRUE quick weight loss, especially healthy, maintainable weight loss.

So how about you stop buying fitness magazines and go eat some whole natural foods instead of all the processed crap the magazines advertise!

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