The good, the bad and the simply stupid

I love the Olympics. I love confident athletes. But you don’t have to act like a jerk. I almost always cheer for the American athlete, but I have to admit that I was cheering against Lochte. Anyone else find his attitude annoying? (That and he is definitely not good at interviews!)

The Good

  • I’m so excited that we have a sled at the gym I’m now working at! It is a great tool to increase your leg strength and speed!
  • I see people spend hours working on just about every part of their body, but their feet and ankles. BUT your feet contain about 25% of the bones in your body…Shouldn’t you be working on strengthening and making them more flexible since if they are weak or immobile they can cause altered movement patterns, muscle imbalances, pain and injury in other parts of your body!?! (Ok this isn’t good, but the exercises in this IR Blog post are!)
  • Why am I not surprised that fit children do better academically?

The Bad

  • Why is there so much drama on the internet about female athletes and their bodies? Why can’t we talk about what they can DO instead of focusing on whether or not their weight makes them beautiful by society’s standards?!? And can I just say….I REALLY LIKE ZOE SMITH’S ATTITUDE!

The Simply Stupid

  • Cameron Diaz is publishing a book about health and fitness!?! What does she know!?! AH!!!!! Does this scare anyone else
  • I’m tempted to add a section called interesting because I don’t know how to react to the articles I’ve included below.
  • Beetroot and Tart Cherry juice can improve performance….Ok….They are all-natural…now I wonder if they really work. AND if they do, would you drink them?
  • I get why we want people to have nutritional certifications if they are providing nutritional advice. At the same time, we allow people to post all sorts of opinions and advice online that they aren’t necessarily certified to give…Do you think this regulation of bloggers providing nutritional advice is only occurring because mainstream society is afraid that if people realize that these Primal diets are better that the whole “low-fat lie” will crumble?

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  1. 1. I was just watching an interview segment with Ryan Lochte and cringing. The man can swim and…not much else. I didn’t exactly cheer against him but it was hard to get excited for him.

    2. Cameron Diaz is what?!

    3. Zoe Smith is the best. THE BEST! That she exists makes me so happy, I cannot even say.

    4. I would say I would drink those juices but the truth is, I have so much room for improvement in just my basic nutrition and training that I’m still a ways from needing to do extra-fancy things like drinking juices I’m pretty sure are not sold anywhere in my zip code.

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